To be quick to dry cementitious polyurethane floor coatings

The SharpSTONE FC is an cementitious polyurethane coating for intense uses specially designed to be quick to dry (1 h to 2h) odorless while staying effective. Perfect for repairs. Resistance to chemical products, impacts and weather changes. Reduce the down periods!


  • Resistance to weather changes

  • Incomparable impact-proof

  • Easy to clean

  • No VOC

  • Respect the ACIA standards

To be quick to dry cementitious polyurethane Color




Our floor coatings are designed to minimize the growth of damaging bacteria ensuring a cleaner surface between clean-ups due to their hydrophobic nature and their bacteriostatic properties. This protection reduces the risk of microbial growth by limiting the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria.

Resistance to fungal growth ASTM G21: Rating 0 (no growth). Resistance to mold growth ASTM D3273: Rating 10 (maximum resistance).



The Sharpstone cementitious polyurethane  coating is a floor coating with no industrial grade joints and ultra resistant, it is made to offer a durable solution in the most requested environments like agri-food industries. Perfect for jobs for large areas.

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  • Food processing

  • Milk processing (cheese factory,  dairy plant, butter factory, milk, cheese, yogurt)

  • Meat processing ( slaughterhouse, butcher shop, meat products, poultry)

  • Bakery (breads. Pastries, cakes)

  • Malting industry (brewery, microbrewery, output of beers, wines, strong alcohol)

  • Bottling (water, spring water, sparkling water, fresh juice, juice from concentrate, nectar, soft drinks, drinks, electrolyte drinks, energy drinks

  • Chocolate and candy processing (candy bars, lollipops, licorice, candies, bubble gum, chocolate factory, chocolate bars)

  • Commercial kitchens and restaurant kitchens

  • Food process plant

  • Center of meal preparations, cooking  (kitchen stove, stoves, deep fryers, grills, power hobs, hot trays, rotisseries, steam cooker, steamers, salamender broilers)

  • Freezers, cold temperature zones (below 0 degree Celsius) and places under significant weather  variations (temperature shocks)

  • Aggressive chemicals and hot water washing (Chemical rooms, CIP, laundry rooms, caustic, acetic acid, corrosive cleaner, battery rooms, battery acid)