Epoxy and Terrazzo floor coatings resistant & durable

Epoxy and Terrazzo coatings produced and designed in Quebec in partnership with the scientific network of Quebec (laboratories,research chair, etc.). Professional and unparalleled installation service.


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Epoxy and Terrazzo floor coatings

Plancher en Terrazzo


The DiamondTERRAZZO was designed, first of all, to be a formulated product of Terrazzo cutting-edge technology, a noble material which has showed its great efficiency and durability. Therefore, it is the ideal coating for buildings close to pedestrian traffic.

Plancher en époxy SharpSTONE


Cementitious polyurethane floor coating with no industrial grade joints and ultra resistant. It is made, indeed, to offer a durable solution in the most requested environments. We are talking here, in particular, of the agri-food industries.

Plancher en époxy ShineSTONE


100% solid coating in epoxy resine, no VOC, with plain colors for light uses (30 mm thick) to very intense uses (3/8 inch thick). First, explore the different benefits of using this ultra-resistant and durable product.

Plancher en flocons de vinyle coloré


A decorative epoxy floor coating with sprinkle multi-colored vinyl flakes covered with transparent finish layers. Without joints, it is easy maintenance. Let's see more details about this product!

Plancher à base de


A decorative finish coating of epoxy-based with a sprinkle of colorful quartz aggregates covered with transparent finish layers. The system offers, also, a durable and waterproof finish.

Plancher à base de flocons de bois


Decorative epoxy system made of synthetic wood and without joint. In short, a mix of floor coating in epoxy without joints and flakes of wood. Apply between 3 mm and 4.5 mm thick.

New technology of Terrazzo

DiamondTERRAZZO 355

The DiamondTERRAZZO355 was designed to be an unparalleled cutting-edge terrazzo coating which cost 75% less than all the other terrazzo products. Indeed, same quality for a fraction of the price.

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Planché en époxy pour secteur agroalimentaire
Plancher agro-alimentaire



Reduce the down periods! Industrial coating for intensive uses, specially formulated for an odorless quick drying (1h to 2h) with no impact on performance. Resistance to chemical products, shocks and thermal shocks.

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Our floor coatings are designed to minimize the growth of damaging bacteria ensuring a cleaner surface between clean-ups due to their hydrophobic nature and their bacteriostatic properties. This protection reduces the risk of microbial growth by limiting the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria.

Resistance to fungal growth ASTM G21: Rating 0 (no growth). Resistance to mold growth ASTM D3273: Rating 10 (maximum resistance).


Certified: Best green quality

Certified: Best green quality

DiamondTERRAZZO 355, ShineSTONE 423 and 125 products are made from 40% recycled raw materials.

New technology


Decorative epoxy system made of synthetic wood, no joint: a mix of floor coating in epoxy without joints and flakes of wood, apply between 3 mm and 4.5 mm thick.

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