Does an affordable terrazzo floor coating option exist?

First and foremost, it is important to understand our approach to product development here at Diamondstone. When developing new products, we always keep in mind both the product as well as its installation, while most construction material manufacturers will only concern themselves with the product itself, without giving any second thought to the installation process and the cost associated with it. However, with the cost of labour and equipment rising nowadays, they represent a larger portion of the overall cost of your project.

Our approach therefore consists of perfecting our materials with the intention of making their installation easier and more affordable, allowing you to reduce the overall cost of your project. 

In traditional concrete terrazzo, it is necessary to install beads to control and limit shrinkage in the pavement and prevent cracking. To use our DiamondTERRAZZO 350 as an an example, we have added additives to help control shrinkage, and we were able to achieve a non-shrink concrete terrazzo, which eliminated the need for and cost of rod installation. 

To conclude, when developping our DiamondTERRAZZO 350, we have optimized our traditional concrete terrazzo by adding various additives to help greatly reduce its installation time without impacting its durability. Our success with this method is a direct result of our approach to product development.

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